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Eliminate the file metadata bottlenecks that drag application latency. Process metadata separately from file I/O to accelerate application performance.

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Immediately slash application latency by as much as 50X to dramatically improve performance.

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 Slash latency for apps such as AI/ML and DevOps from seconds to under 100 microseconds to improve app run-time by 50% or more. 

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Drop us in like a network switch to transform IT without changing IT. Access any file data like always, only faster.

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Integrate high-performance data tiering to reduce capex and opex. Easily archive exabytes of data yet put it all to work.

Fresh Approach to Metadata

"Solving performance...lies in fixing the inefficiencies of metadata."

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Customer Success: Large Bioinformatics Institute

InfiniteIO identified 75%, or 2.5 PB, of the file data that had not been accessed in over six months to automatically archive on object storage. The complete solution is saving the genomics institute $7.4 million over three years.

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"The faster the metadata requests are handled, the faster the application runs. Traditionally, metadata requests are handled by the NAS filer. InfiniteIO’s accelerator sits inline between accessing server and filer. It keeps a copy of the metadata in its memory, providing DRAM access speed rather than slower filer storage drive access speed."