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Turbo charge applications without compromise.

Application latency can make or break your bottom line or slow productivity. The InfiniteIO Application Accelerator serves file metadata at the speed of DRAM to reduce latency from milliseconds to microseconds, and improve metadata performance up to 50X, faster than any other technology on the planet.

The Application Accelerator delivers sub-100 microsecond latency to boost performance for data-intensive applications such as AI/ML, media rendering, genomics and software simulations. With InfiniteIO, your applications don’t need to wait for data. 

Dramatically improve app run time.

Built on the InfiniteIO Metadata Engine (IME) architecture, the InfiniteIO Application Accelerator responds to file metadata requests directly from the network instead of the NAS or cloud storage.  The combination of file metadata acceleration and offload can reduce application run times by 50% or more.

Accelerate your applications. Try it today for free.

Immediately slash latency by as much as 50X to dramatically improve file application performance.

Benefits of Application Accelerator

Boost Productivity and Reduce Run Times

Improves application performance by delivering 3.2 M metadata operations per second at 40-to-100 microsecond latency

Independent Metadata Processing

Separates metadata processing from file I/O to deliver the lowest latency for performance-intensive applications.

Simple Deployment

As simple to install as a network switch – deploys in minutes with no downtime or workflow changes.

Highly Compatible

Works with all enterprise NAS systems supporting NFSv3.

Cost Savings

Processing metadata lowers workflow runtime and associated licensing costs to speed the time to value/market.

Upgrade to Cloud Tiering

Easily add high-performance data tiering with a software update