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Most organizations know they have amassed a pile of cold or inactive files filling up their tier-one storage, but few have visibility into how much.  Arbitrarily archiving files assumed to be inactive can lead to career re-defining moment.  Still, it’s estimated that as much as 80% of storage is inactive. For example, spreadsheets and documents are created, serve their purpose and then sit never to be accessed again.  And of course, you cannot get rid of anything. But why would you pay premium storage prices for files that likely will never be accessed again?

As part of InfiniteIO’s on-going effort to simplify hybrid cloud storage, I’m excited to introduce our new, free storage assessment tool called Infinite Insight.  Infinite Insight simplifies understanding of inactive NFS files in the enterprise and allows you to estimate annual savings by deploying InfiniteIO’s Hybrid Cloud Tiering solution and transparently moving files to cloud storage. 

Infinite Insight is downloadable immediately from our website at https://infinite.io/ROI and currently runs on MacOS.  Installation is the normal simple Mac “drag and drop.” Once installed, check the filesystem that needs a bit of insight and kick it off.  Infinite Insight quickly walks your filesystem aggregating file metadata like last access, last modified and file size.

Once completed, you’ll get a view into when your files were last used based on file metadata collected. 

Create a simple policy defining what inactive data means to your organization and instantly see estimated annual savings by deploying InfiniteIO’s Hybrid Cloud Tiering solution and moving those files to a more cost-efficient cloud storage platform. You can also watch a short video that provides screenshots and more instructions.

Check it all out and let us know what you think.