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InfiniteIO and SwiftStack Deliver Cloud Economics

Keeping on-prem NAS storage to support 50% annual file growth is unsustainable. Couple this with up to 80% of your files being inactive, and enterprises can quickly reach petabytes of files that will not likely ever be accessed but are consuming the vast majority of the most expensive tier of storage.

The pennies-per-GB economics of cloud-based storage is a compelling destination for all of this cold data but historical solutions were either disruptive to applications and clients, couldn’t scale, or were incredibly slow.

With today’s announcement, InfiniteIO and SwiftStack have teamed up to deliver the economics of cloud storage with zero disruption to IT operations. InfiniteIO’s file metadata-first hybrid cloud tiering solution leverages Deep Packet Inspection to transparently identify and move inactive files to SwiftStack, scale to billions of files, and even accelerate file metadata access regardless of file location — all this without proprietary software, stubs or the constant scanning of file systems looking for cold data.

SwiftStack’s globally distributed scale-out storage delivers low operational and acquisition costs to PBs of data accessed across multiple geographic regions. Together we are providing immediate ROI relative to expanding traditional NAS footprint. SwiftStack customers can also integrate public cloud as a target for DR and backup.

InfiniteIO recently achieved the “Works with SwiftStack” certification delivering a combined solution that is interoperable with thousands of applications. With native support for industry-standard protocols: NFS, S3, and Swift InfiniteIO and SwiftStack are enabling the broadest setup applications to take full advantage of the economics of SwiftStack and transparent data access regardless of location from InfiniteIO, all without compromise.

The “Works with SwiftStack” certification also provides resellers with a simple method to not only verify software functionality with SwiftStack but to begin expanding a business relationship for the mutual benefit of resellers and end-users of the SwiftStack and InfiniteIO joint solution.

Stay tuned! More to come.