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The only enterprise data tiering solution that maximizes capacity savings and application performance simultaneously.

The InfiniteIO Hybrid Cloud Tiering solution delivers real-time intelligence to automate data management. Instantly move cold or inactive data to any cloud storage to save money and extend the life of existing IT assets. Accelerate performance everywhere in the hybrid cloud, without making changes to existing users, applications or storage systems.

Analyze. Optimize. Scale.

Get smarter about your data to help ensure consistent performance between on-premises and cloud storage, lower cost and no disruption to your business.

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Infinite Insight Hybrid Cloud Storage Assessment Tool 

Identify hidden, cold data to reduce storage cost by as much as 80%.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Tiering

Simple Deployment

As simple to install as a network switch – deploys in minutes with no downtime or workflow changes.

Real-time Insights

Gain real-time insight to improve and automate management for your hybrid cloud storage infrastructure.

Simplified Data Migration

Instantly and automatically migrate files to low-cost private or public cloud storage without continually rescanning the storage system.

High Performance

Maximizes performance for metadata requests across on-premises, private cloud and public cloud storage.

Data Protection

Reduce backup runtime, capacity and cost by offloading metadata requests from backup application and migrating inactive files.

Enterprise Scale

Scales data management to billions of files regardless of capacity on a single clustered configuration, while avoiding capacity-based data management fees.

Totally Transparent

Make files available for use, even if they have been inactive for decades, by transparently presenting them as local storage regardless of physical location.

High Availability

Enterprise-class resiliency and fault tolerance with no single point of failure.

Reduce Storage Cost and Easily Integrate Hybrid Clouds—Without Changing a Thing

No New File Systems

No File Stubs

No Symbolic Links

No New Storage Mount Points