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Somewhere in the cloud is a critical data file needed to complete the next big discovery

InfiniteIO can help you quickly find and manage it.

Health and bioinformatics experts create terabytes of data every day from research and development, testing, lab reports and advancement in areas like genomic research.

As data continues to grow at a blistering pace, institutes and laboratories are turning to the cloud for a cost-effective means of storing, analyzing and processing information. Go-to data might be stored onsite through private clouds while infrequently accessed file data is stored on inexpensive public clouds.

This can make it difficult to locate, use and share petabytes of information across multiple clouds and control costs.  


Life sciences groups create more than 2.5 million terabytes of data per day – equal to 285,000 years of movies over Netflix. 

Nearly half of all pharmaceutical companies are using some type of cloud-based tool. 

More than 80 percent of enterprises are engaged in advanced analytics and Big Data initiatives to improve their decision-making capabilities. 


InfiniteIO simplifies management of metadata and accelerates access to genomics and other research data

Easily find research data

Gain real-time insights whether they’re decades-old lab results or research data from anywhere in your hybrid cloud infrastructure. Migrate inactive (cold) data, such as old clinical trials, off existing storage to a public/private cloud or low-cost NAS, while making it appear and perform as if it were still on existing storage.

Optimize bioinformatics performance and costs

Reduce storage latency from milliseconds to microseconds to accelerate research and analytics and process up to 1.5 million metadata requests per second in a single node. Maintain years of research data and still reduce storage costs by up to 80 percent through intelligent file-based metadata management.

Scale your research pool to billions of files

Protect and enhance research databases over a true hybrid cloud based on NAS and private or public cloud infrastructure, without making changes to existing operations. Deliver automated metadata management for petabytes of storage and billions of files without changing existing users, systems or applications.