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As high-resolution graphics and rich cinematic films dominate the media and entertainment industry, many professionals are turning to hybrid cloud storage to scale data growth and control costs for post-production work and storage. When resolutions get higher, file sizes soar.  A single film can produce over 2 PB of data. Digital content joins terabytes of historical analog data stretching the capacity of traditional NAS infrastructures for on-premises private clouds.

But storage is only part of the story.

Producers, editors, special effects developers and animation experts all rely on easy access and optimized workloads to bring their stories to life. They don’t have time for interrupted workflows as they search through years of content for past scenes, clips, images or sound files.

Over 1/3 of media and entertainment companies use cloud storage for post-production work.

More than 30% have more than 1 TB of storage in the cloud.

More than half capture 6 hours of content for every hour of movie. For some it goes as high as 50 hours.

An animated film can produce hundreds of terabytes of data.

InfiniteIO Optimizes Cloud Storage Costs and Accelerates Content Creation Workflows for VFX and CGI

Accelerate File Metadata

Maximize performance for media workflows by offloading metadata operations to reduce storage latency from milliseconds to microseconds. InfiniteIO processes up to 1.5 million metadata requests per second in a single node.

Slash Rendering & Processing Time

Speed editing and media production by cutting storage latency in existing storage without requiring changes to existing operations. Spend more time on content creation and less time on file directory searches.

Manage Data Transparently​

Easily identify and migrate inactive (cold) data, such as 10-year-old project clips, from previous media productions to a public/private cloud or low-cost NAS, while making it appear and perform as if it were still on existing storage. Reduce storage costs by up to 80 percent through intelligent file-based metadata management.​

Gain Real-Time Analytics

Accelerate search and use media files from anywhere in a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Get a comprehensive view of data center and cloud performance metrics to optimize workflows.

Scale with Your Studio

Protect and enhance production over any NAS or cloud infrastructure. Avoid hidden or recurring capacity-based licensing costs with a simple-to-manage solution that scales to billions of media files and petabytes of content.​