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Turbo charge modern enterprise
applications without compromise.

Maximize performance for new initiatives such as AI, machine learning and simulations by reducing file and cloud storage latency from seconds to microseconds. Outperform an all-flash array with your existing storage to increase productivity and extend the life of your IT investments.

Your legacy storage can run like an all-flash NAS.

Offloading metadata operations, which take up to 90% of all storage requests, to InfiniteIO’s solution enables your existing NAS to focus on managing files for better overall performance, Use metadata awareness to boost performance without making changes to your existing users, apps or storage.

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Identify hidden, cold data to reduce storage cost by as much as 80%.

Benefits of Metadata Acceleration

Accelerate Performance

Reduce latency of existing storage to microseconds, boosting performance to levels that rival the fastest all-flash NAS systems.

Real-Time Insights

Get an on-demand view into data center traffic patterns with metadata analytics.

Simple Deployment

As simple to install as a network switch – deploys in minutes.

Zero Impact to Operations

Respond to metadata requests without accessing the original file, storage or file system. Keep existing storage tools and processes intact with no downtime or workflow changes while avoiding fork-lift upgrades.

Cost Savings

Offloading metadata lowers workflow runtime and associated licensing costs to speed the time to value/market.