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InfiniteIO Announces Ability to Transparently Archive Inactive Data to Low-cost Network Attached Storage Systems

AUSTIN, Texas – July 22, 2016 – InfiniteIO, the producer of the awarding winning Network-based Storage Controllers today announced a new release of its software that supports Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems as active archives. The features extend the functionality of the company’s current products which transparently integrate a cloud into existing storage systems to dramatically reduce overall data storage costs. “Customers will be able to use low-cost NAS systems to store their inactive data, freeing space on expense primary storage systems to service active applications and data,” said Mark Cree, the CEO of InfiniteIO.

InfiniteIO makes archived data appear and respond like local data

The massive growth of data has overwhelmed traditional data storage systems. InfiniteIO has taken an innovative approach to inactive data archival by allowing the transparent integration of a low-cost cloud or NAS system into existing storage systems.

The total transparency of the solution differentiates InfiniteIO from all other approaches. InfiniteIO requires no changes to applications, storage systems, or data workflows and makes the archived data appear and act as if it were still on expensive primary storage.

Availability and pricing

The new software is immediately available as a free upgrade for existing customers.

About InfiniteIO

InfiniteIO is headquartered in beautiful Austin, Texas, the world capital of live music, awesome BBQ and SxSW. Our veteran team has a track record of introducing market-defining solutions in security, network routing/switching, and storage networking. Please visit our website at www.infinite.io for more information.