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Combined solution speeds cloud adoption by making cloud and object storage a transparent extension to existing systems


AUSTIN, Texas – February 28, 2018 – InfiniteIO, the developer of the award-winning Network-based Storage Controllers, today announced that it has become an IBM PartnerWorld member. As data growth rates have exploded, the single largest expense in the modern datacenter is the storage of inactive or cold data. With the typical datacenter doubling its storage capacity every twenty-four months, the expense of keeping inactive data on traditional primary storage has become almost insurmountable for most enterprises.

Cloud storage provides the ideal low-cost platform for storing inactive data. Unfortunately, cloud storage adoption has been slowed by the complex task of migrating traditional file-based workflows to and from the cloud. InfiniteIO’s Network-based Storage Controllers transparently migrate inactive file data to IBM Cloud Storage and IBM Cloud Object Storage (iCOS) while preserving always-on attributes and metadata that make migrated data appear local and ready for immediate recall. InfiniteIO installs like a network switch and continuously migrates data to and from connected clouds based on IT-defined policies. Unlike other solutions that require gateways, application changes, host software, stub files, and complex new file systems, with InfiniteIO, enterprises can immediately complement their existing systems with a cloud or object storage, all with absolutely zero workflow changes.

The joint solution can be viewed here: InfiniteIO – transparent file services to populate IBM Cloud and Cloud Object Storage (COS).

About InfiniteIO

InfiniteIO is changing the underpinnings of data storage by putting storage intelligence in the network. Our unique architecture responds to metadata requests faster than the most advanced all-flash storage arrays, significantly increasing the performance of existing storage. And when that metadata indicates files are no longer being accessed, they are migrated to low-cost cloud storage, all without sacrificing security or availability. Installing like a network switch, our products are totally transparent to existing systems and require zero workflow changes. For the first time, storage performance can be dramatically increased without a forklift storage array upgrade, and traditional file-based workflows can take immediate advantage of low-cost cloud storage with no application changes, gateways, or complex new file systems. For more information please visit InfiniteIO.