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InfiniteIO announces network-based metadata accelerator

Enhances the performance of Network-Attached Storage Systems by off-loading up to 1,500,000 metadata operations per second

AUSTIN, Texas – April 13, 2016 – InfiniteIO today announced the NSC-055s, a Network-based Metadata Accelerator. The NSC-055s adds a controller dedicated to the acceleration of metadata requests to InfiniteIO’s award-winning Network-based Storage Controller product line. With the NSC- 055s, enterprises will be able to transparently accelerate existing applications and extend the life of NAS systems. “With 20 microsecond response times, the NSC-055s serves metadata request over 25 times faster than a typical all-flash NAS system.” said Mark Cree, InfiniteIO’s CEO.

InfiniteIO makes metadata acceleration totally transparent

The NSC-055s does not require applications to be re-provisioned or storage to be virtualized with new file paths. The NSC-055s installs transparently in front of existing storage and seamlessly intercepts and responds to metadata requests.

“The NSC-055s makes tremendous sense for metadata intensive workloads,” said George Crump, President and Founder of Storage Switzerland, “InfiniteIO has taken a unique approach to accelerating NAS system performance and breathing new life into burdened systems.”

Ultra-high Performance

The NSC-055s can serve up to 1,500,000 metadata requests per second with an average latency of 20 microseconds. Unlike a cache, it collects all file metadata and is always hot.

Availability and pricing

The NSC-055s is available for immediate shipment and is priced at $50,000.

About InfiniteIO

InfiniteIO is headquartered in beautiful Austin, Texas, the world capital of live music, awesome BBQ and SxSW. Our veteran team has a track record of introducing market-defining solutions in security, network routing/switching, and storage networking. Please visit our website at www.infinite.io for more information.