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Transparently migrates the last 20 years of inactive enterprise data to low-cost cloud storage with no changes to applications or the user experience

AUSTIN, Texas – June 1, 2015 – InfiniteIO today announced the NSC-110, the world’s first network-based storage controller. With the NSC-110, enterprises will be able to transparently integrate cloud storage into existing applications, dramatically lowering the cost of storing inactive data and extending the investment already made in existing application infrastructure and operational procedures.

“By putting storage controller intelligence into the network we’ve liberated data from dependence on physical location and big-box storage systems.” said Mark Cree, InfiniteIO’s CEO. “Imagine the cost savings and flexibility of migrating the last 20 years of inactive enterprise data off expensive primary storage to a public or private cloud, where it can be securely stored with familiar always-on access for a fraction of the cost.”

InfiniteIO makes cloud storage adoption totally transparent

Unlike all other enterprise cloud storage solutions, the NSC-110 does not require applications to be re- provisioned or storage to be virtualized with new file paths. The NSC-110 installs transparently in front of existing storage, migrating inactive data to the cloud in real-time based on policies that align with business objectives.

“Just when I thought I’d seen everything I was ever going to see in storage, something cool comes along!” said Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

“InfiniteIO has taken a completely different approach to cloud integration by essentially putting a big storage brain directly into the network – which opens up endless possibilities.”

Advanced analytics calculate expected savings

When installed in passive mode, the NSC-110 uses industry standard storage costs and information collected from the installed environment to calculate expected savings.

IT managers can simulate a cloud storage deployment and collect real-world usage analytics with no risk to their data and no systems downtime.

InfiniteIO increases the performance of onsite storage

When operating in active mode, the NSC-110 makes onsite storage faster by serving it out of flash memory from a reduced local file storage footprint. IT managers get the best of both worlds: low-cost capacity and high-performance.

Availability and pricing

The NSC-110 is currently in beta testing and is planned to be released during Q3, 2015. Please contact us if you’d like a risk-free analysis of a real-world cloud storage deployment in your environment.

Pricing starts at $50,000 and varies by configuration.

About InfiniteIO

InfiniteIO is headquartered in beautiful Austin TX, the world capital of live music, awesome BBQ and SxSW. Our veteran founders have a track record of introducing market-defining solutions in storage networking, security and routing/switching technology. Please visit our website at www.infiniteio.com for more information.