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Stop Paying Tier 1 Storage Costs for Cold Data

Most of the files (up to 80%) on your enterprise network-attached storage is infrequently accessed, or cold, data and this inactive data is growing exponentially. And up to 90% of NAS read/write operations come from file metadata requests. As NAS grows, metadata activity increases and storage performance decreases. 

Acquiring more on-premises, all-flash storage is just too expensive and unsustainable. 

Meet InfiniteIO Transparent File Placement

A modern solution that delivers needed economic change without really changing anything: InfiniteIO Hybrid Cloud Tiering with transparent file placement maximizes storage capacity savings and application performance simultaneously. InfiniteIO uniquely uses a patent-pending file metadata engine to respond to metadata requests directly and instantly move cold or inactive data to any lower-cost NAS or cloud storage (private or public). You can save up to 80% in storage and extend the life of existing IT assets. All without making changes to existing users, applications or storage systems.

Analyze. Optimize. Scale.

Automatically detect inactive files and set robust policies to move cold data to lower-cost NAS or cloud storage (private/public).

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Infinite Insight Hybrid Cloud Storage ROI Calculator 

Identify hidden, cold data to reduce storage cost by as much as 80%.

How InfiniteIO Can Help

Reclaim Tier 1 NAS Capacity

Instantly find all your cold files and use policy settings to place the data on the lowest-cost storage.

Deliver Consistently High Performance

Maximize performance for file metadata requests for local or cloud storage.​

Extend NAS to the Cloud

Automatically and continually place cold data on lower-cost NAS or cloud storage, on- or off-premises.

Break Free from Archive Vendor Lock-in

Expand capacity for any NAS and integrate cloud storage using any S3- or Swift-based object storage.

How InfiniteIO Is Different


Responds to file metadata requests directly from the network at DRAM rates

Places files using robust policy options including file activity, users, file type, exclusions, wildcards and many others

Priced like a network switch with no capacity-based data management fees

Tiers cold data to lower-cost NAS or any S3- or Swift-based on-prem and public cloud storage


Supports all-HDD, mixed HDD and SSD, and all-flash NAS configurations


Automated cold file placement from any NAS