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Easily find and migrate cold file data to SwiftStack, with no changes to your IT.

Many organizations are trying to reduce the cost of their existing file storage by archiving their inactive or cold data to private cloud storage while dedicating NAS systems on-premises to mission-critical data.

However, traditional cloud archive and tiering solutions force IT teams to change existing processes, reconfigure their hardware/software environments or implement forklift data migrations, creating risk and complexity. 

Acquiring more on-prem, all-flash storage to support 50% annual file growth is expensive and unsustainable.

Reclaim and extend enterprise NAS capacity to SwiftStack storage—and access all your files as always

Solution Benefits

1. Reclaim tier-1 NAS capacity

2. Instantly tier to cost-optimal storage

3. Provide transparent file access

4. Unify the file and object storage pool

5. Scale to billions of files

6. Ensure all-flash performance for all files

All with zero disruption to existing workflows or operations.

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Download the Infinite Insight hybrid cloud storage assessment tool to identify hidden, cold data and visualize opportunities to save up to 80% in storage costs.


Download the InfiniteIO and SwiftStack Solution Brief

IIO Cloud TIering Diagram SwiftStack Oct 2019

InfiniteIO offloads metadata requests and migrates cold data from existing NAS to SwiftStack, while making files appear and perform as though they are still on primary storage.

Deployment in Minutes

InfiniteIO installs simply like a network switch—with no downtime or workflow changes, and SwiftStack software deploys easily—turning your standard servers into cloud storage in minutes.

Simplified Data Migration

Instantly and automatically migrate files to SwiftStack cloud storage without continually rescanning NAS systems.

Consistent Flash Performance

Offloading metadata requests enables legacy NAS to perform like flash while reducing latency for cloud file access.

Efficient Data Protection

Reduce backup time, capacity and cost by offloading metadata requests from backup application and using SwiftStack as a resource for archive and retrieval.

Transparent File Access

Support billions of files and off-load millions of metadata operations per second without VMs, stubs, symbolic links, client modifications or workflow change

Real-time Insights

Gain intelligence to automate data management for hybrid cloud storage infrastructure.

Enterprise Scale

Scales to billions of files regardless of capacity on a single system.

No Hidden Costs

InfiniteIO’s system-based pricing avoids unnecessary capacity-based licensing fees even as file or capacity counts grow over years.