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InfiniteIO is a hybrid cloud storage solution designed to minimize storage cost and accelerate performance throughout on-premises and cloud infrastructure, without disrupting existing IT operations. Customers and partners can quickly identify and move inactive (cold) data to low-cost private or public cloud and start optimizing storage performance in minutes. All while avoiding changes to existing users, applications and underlying storage systems.

Metadata Unlocks Speed and Savings.

Metadata is the data about the file data. It turns out that up to 90% of all storage requests are for metadata—attributes like when the file was created, who created it, who can read it, and so on.

InfiniteIO responds to file metadata requests directly from the network, to immediately improve performance for existing on-premises, private cloud or public cloud storage.

Simultaneously, we automatically move cold files to anywhere in the hybrid cloud to maximize cost savings

Up to 90% of all storage requests are for metadata.

Dramatically reduces the file backup window with cloud tiering and local metadata for backup apps.

Improves storage performance by up to 50X by serving metadata requests from the network without accessing the original file, storage or file system.

Saves storage costs by up to 80% by instantly and automatically moving cold files to lowest-cost storage without continually rescanning the storage system, third party file systems or reconfiguring clients and networks.

Live insights of all hot/cold files to automate and improve data management across the hybrid cloud.

Makes files available for use, even if they’ve been inactive for decades, by transparently presenting them as local storage regardless of physical location.

Support billions of files and off-load millions of metadata operations per second without requiring virtual machines, stubs, symbolic links, client modification or changes to workflows.


Cloud Enablement

Support existing workloads moving to the cloud by making associated files transparently available to people and applications regardless of location.

Simplified Data Tiering

Instant, automated data movement to low-cost private/public cloud storage. Migrate data to multiple clouds with zero impact to operations.

Performance Optimization

Immediately gain real-time insight on network traffic patterns and optimize performance for on-premises, private cloud and public cloud storage.

Capacity Planning

Quickly assess hybrid cloud storage utilization with automatic migration of hot/cold data.

Backup Optimization

Reduce backup capacity and window to protect data while slashing capex and opex.

Technology Partners

InfiniteIO creates new business opportunities for hardware, software and multi-cloud partners by increasing performance throughout the hybrid cloud and optimizing storage capacity without disrupting existing IT operations and workflows. We offer our storage, cloud and other technology partners the fastest way to implement a hybrid cloud strategy and maximize the value of private and public cloud storage. Learn more.