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InfiniteIO works with AWS to drive both application and archival compliance requirements. InfiniteIO enables AWS customers to easily identify and move inactive data from any NAS to AWS cloud storage to reduce cost while maximizing the performance of their on-premises file storage. 

InfiniteIO automatically assigns content assets to the most cost-effective, high-performance tier, whether on-premises or to AWS S3 as the foundation of your cloud IT environment. Customers and partners can gain the benefits of this hybrid cloud without disrupting their current IT systems or workflows.

Accelerating Hybrid Cloud Storage

InfiniteIO helps AWS customers optimize data growth at petabyte scale, increase application performance and reduce storage spend by:

  • Analyzing unstructured on-premises storage and quickly defining inactive data policies based on business objectives
  • Moving inactive data without disruption to AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) with no changes to workflows, users or applications
  • Increasing application performance by offloading and accelerating file metadata responses for on-premises NAS

Joint Solution Benefits

  • Highly interoperable: Supports any NFSv3 storage
  • Superior performance: Offloads all file metadata to reduce application latency
  • Totally transparent: No stubs, no links, no continuous scanning of storage looking for inactive files
  • Enterprise-class: Resilient, redundant, scale-out architecture
  • Automated: Intelligently, fully automated lifecycle management

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