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Reduce Storage Cost and Cloud Latency Without Disrupting IT 

Microsoft customers and channel partners can leverage InfiniteIO’s metadata approach to data management to quickly reduce storage cost and improve application performance.

InfiniteIO moves inactive file data assets to Azure Blob Storage while intensive applications such as artificial intelligence/machine learning, life sciences and media and entertainment. All data, regardless of physical location, remains active to end-users and their applications, without changing existing IT operations

Unifying File and Object Workflows for Microsoft Environments

The combination of InfiniteIO Hybrid Cloud Tiering software with integrated application acceleration and Azure Blob Storage optimizes the user experience for applications and data by delivering unified access for file and object workflows regardless of the data’s physical location–all without changing existing IT operations. 

Combined Benefits

Unify file/object workflows to simplify data management
Lower storage cost by tiering continuously to Azure Blob Storage (hot and cool access tiers)

Reduce cloud latency by offloading metadata requests

Implement advanced analytics and other cloud-native services
Speed cloud migration at scale

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