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Pure Storage® FlashBlade™ is the industry’s most advanced storage for unstructured data, consolidating complex data silos to optimize infrastructure and accelerate tomorrow’s discoveries and insights.

InfiniteIO enables Pure Storage customers to easily tier inactive data on secondary storage to reduce cost while maximizing the performance of their FlashBlade arrays.

High-Performance Hybrid Cloud Storage

InfiniteIO helps customers protect their Pure FlashBlade investment by :

  • Identifying and tiering cold data from FlashBlade arrays to secondary storage, which reclaims on-premises NAS capacity and achieves cloud economics.
  • Ensuring sub-100 microsecond metadata performance regardless of the data’s physical location.
  • Offloading and processing metadata requests for both cloud-migrated and locally-stored files to reduce latency throughout the combined environment.
  • Providing unchanged, transparent access to files.

Solution Benefits

1. Ensures all-flash performance for all files

2. Instantly tier to cost-optimal storage

3. Provides transparent file access

4. Unifies file and object storage pool

5. Scales to billions of files

6. Reclaims tier-1 NAS capacity

All with zero disruption to existing workflows or operations.

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