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Eliminate the Trade-offs of Cloud Tiering and Performance Optimization

NetApp network-attached storage (NAS) users are tiering to the cloud to save on storage capex and extend IT investments. Yet some cloud tiering solutions are too restrictive by limiting support to all-flash NAS (e.g., AFF) or a specific object storage vendor, forcing changes to your operations or slowing down performance.

When the free-flow of data is the fuel for your organization, you need an elegant approach to hybrid cloud that is easy to implement and optimizes cost and performance based on your unique business needs to deliver results without compromise. 

In this timely, live webcast, InfiniteIO experts will show how you can accelerate performance for any NetApp, or any other primary NAS system, and take advantage of the economic savings of any private or public cloud storage system — without changing existing users, applications or back-end storage. 

You’ll learn tips on how to:

  • Avoid vendor lock-in and tier cold or warm data from any NetApp NAS to any private or public cloud object storage provider with InfiniteIO
  • Deliver faster-than-flash performance for legacy NetApp NAS as well as cloud-migrated files
  • Transparently access cloud-migrated files as though they are on local storage


Whiteboard Discussion Led By:

  • Kris Meier, VP of Product Management

  • Jay Rolette, Founder and VP of Engineering

  • Liem Nguyen, VP of Marketing