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InfiniteIO and Edge Solutions team up to discuss how a metadata-based approach to data management can accelerate performance and reduce the storage cost of your NFS-based environments. 

Today your NFS applications are forced to wait for metadata requests, which comprise as much as 90% of all operations, including a simple read/write. This causes latency, which seriously slows application performance even for the fastest flash and NVMe-based systems today. 

InfiniteIO and Edge executives discuss why managing metadata more efficiently can dramatically reduce application run-time, increase worker productivity and save money.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. How a file metadata engine can serve all metadata requests at the speed of memory directly from the network, before those requests ever get to your storage controllers. Your apps won’t need to wait for metadata. 

  2. The various metadata analytics that can help you improve performance by 50% for your NFS workloads. 

  3. How to identify inactive files and migrate them to any lower-cost NAS or S3 storage to reduce costs by as much as 80%. Gain access to free tools that can identify cold data in your environment immediately.

  4. Why metadata management approaches can be easily deployed to increase performance and ROI, without changing existing applications, workflows or file access.

  5. How you can scale to support petabytes of storage or billions of files in a single system

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