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Learn how you can eliminate metadata bottlenecks that cause latency and slow down application performance.

Watch InfiniteIO experts explain how a nondisruptive, network-based approach to file metadata management accelerates workloads and reduces application run-time up to 50% or more—without changing any existing IT workflows, operations or data storage.

Did You Know:

  • Nearly all file requests to storage or cloud systems are actually metadata, even for a simple file read/write.
  • The resulting latency is a huge drag on application performance for legacy, all-flash and NVMe-based infrastructure.
  • The InfiniteIO Application Accelerator eliminates this metadata bottleneck by serving all metadata requests at the speed of DRAM directly from the network, before these requests ever get to your storage controllers.
  • The result is up to 50% improvement in the performance of your NFS workloads—without changing any existing operations, workflows or storage.

Learn how you can transform your IT environment to:

  • Reduce latency by 10-50X
  • Dramatically accelerate NFS workload performance up to 50% or more
  • Increase leverage of underutilized resources

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