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5 Technologies that Turbo-charge Applications and Storage Efficiency

Based on its patent-pending File Metadata Engine architecture, InfiniteIO integrates metadata intelligence and NAS- and object storage-independent hardware to deliver exceptional application performance, improved productivity and scale while ensuring continuous access to files. This paper discusses the five must-have InfiniteIO technologies that combine to deliver new performance levels for data centers and simplify cloud strategies without changing existing IT operations or processes:

  1. File metadata engine – Metadata processed independently to increase application performance and reduce cloud latency

  2. Metadata analytics – Real-time file metadata performance and attributes are maintained to help optimize the hybrid cloud 

  3. Hybrid cloud tiering – Inactive data dynamically moves to lower-cost NAS or any object storage to free up tier-1 capacity

  4. Simple deployment – Non-disruptive installation requires no configuration changes to existing applications or infrastructure

  5. Enterprise scalability – Platform with high interoperability and support for billions of files to easily accommodate growth


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